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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Stumbling Block. Prayers Please.

I Wrote this yesterday on The Captains Birthday....

Today is my Best Friends Birthday. Truly the Love of my life. I prayed for him for years before God decided it was time to gift me with him.

It's been a rough #53 for him. But he is the toughest guy I know. He can drive a Harley, an RV, a Combine, A Tractor, fly an Airplane and fix anything broken. He's a primo God Fearing Father and Husband to our 8 amazing kids. He's strong, handsome and doesn't know how to do anything 1/2 way. He's ALL IN when he does anything.

I love holding hands with him. I love it when he puts his arm around me at church. He lets me know that he adores me. He takes complete care of me, our kids, our home, our farm and tells me to treat everything we own like it's the ONLY one we will ever have. He appreciates everything he has. He loves the beach (if you didn't know).

He's a VERY PRIVATE PERSON but has allowed me to share with you all that we are in a bit of a need for prayer. Nick had thyroid cancer many years ago. We found out last week that it was back in the thyroid area as well as a lymph node in his neck. They wanted to do surgery right away. So he had a bilateral thyroidectomy yesterday. You can see by the picture that it is a very large incision. He didn't want to tell anyone because we thought it was going to be a tiny outpatient procedure....

When we met with the surgeon yesterday before surgery he told us that only one lymph node as well as two spots where the previous cancer was, had been tested via fine needle biopsy and all had come back positive but some other lymph nodes just like the one tested also looked cancerous. We "THOUGHT" that only only lymph node and the 2 spots where it was before was all the cancer there was but I guess they just didn't test the other suspicious areas. He's been getting scans and tests for months now but nothing ever showed up on them.

All in all they ended up removing a lot of metastatic lesions from the left side of his neck, a few from the right, a tumor where the previous thyroid cancer was and this is the MIRACULOUS PART.... As Nick's parent's and I got the final report from the surgeon. He explained how Nick had only one working vocal chord (the other was paralyzed during his previous surgery) and how he also found a lesion embedded in the nerve/vocal chord. He said "I stopped and said a prayer before I moved on" He went on to explain that had he nicked that chord and with the other one no longer working, Nick would have had to breathe through a trach for the rest of his life. We were surprised to learn that without at least one vocal chord in tact, you can't breathe without help.

We praise the LORD and are all grateful for a surgeon that loves the Lord and asked for His Divine guidance.

We spent the night in Topeka last night after the surgery and now Nick is home resting comfortably. We go back Thursday to get his drain removed. We are SO BLESSED not to have to RUSH back to work but that we can both be here together, with the kids healing. Thank you #ItWORKS for helping us OWN OUR TIME. It's so nice to not have to report back to work. THIS is truly OWNING YOUR TIME.

The next step is for Nick to heal and wait. MOST of the time thyroid cancer is NICE and stays in the neck. Sometimes it can spread to lungs/sternum area so when he is healed he will have a PET SCAN which will make sure he is all clear in the rest of his body. He will also have some form of radiation, we are just not sure exactly what yet.

I wanted to share this because I have so many people that I know will pray for us and I believe that the power of prayer from our facebook and BLOG family can totally heal Nick. Thank you all in advance for the prayers.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! We go UP FROM HERE!! He even got a special birthday message from Dr. FEELGOOD~More on that LATER!!

His friend Denny, brought a DQ ice cream cake by so we did a little celebrating!
Thank you LORD for the gift of this incredible husband and Daddy.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moms Making THOUSANDS!!!

GOD WAS SO GOOD TO SO MANY Mamas on my team in March!

I am STILL in tears over this last month and how many lives are changed. I'm in AWE of GOD's GOODNESS!

My friend Keri is also an adoptive Mama! She is SUCH A BLESSING to me and so many on our team! She has the sweetest, gentlest spirit and is a HARD WORKER!
Her hubby Nick is a Chiropractor and THEY earned the $10,000 BONUS!

Samantha is a FIRECRACKER!! One of my favorite sweet Southern Baptist new Teammates! She lost over 80 pounds in the last year and is Mom to 2 beautiful kiddos! She has been on our team for just THREE MONTHS before snagging her $10,000 Bonus!

Meet Kelli! She's a SWEETHEART!! She is a substitute teacher. She joined our team in October of 2013. In August 2013 she got diagnosed with an AUTO IMMUNE disorder. Our products particularly our GREENS have CHANGED HER LIFE and HEALTH AND she's $10,000 RICHER!

And then there's my PRECIOUS FRIEND GRETCHEN that I met through this CRAZY BLOG!

Now one of my BFF's!! We are like sisters!! She earned a total of $25,000 in the last two months! She is a full time kindergarten teacher and BUSY MAMA to 6!  And she's NOT STOPPING THERE, She's JUST GETTING STARTED!!! AHH!! SO LIFE CHANGING for this sweet family! I thank God for her daily!!

Lisa is a SINGLE MOM to these two precious girlies!!
She also snagged herself a $15,000 bonus. This business enables her to be there with her girls ALWAYS! Something I wish I had when my oldest was young. CONGRATS LISA!!

Shannon another sweet HARD WORKER on my team also just became $15,000 richer!
I love her heart and determination! A busy Mom to 2!

These are just a FEW of the Moms ON MY PERSONAL TEAM who got these bonuses. There are HUNDREDS MORE who got $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $75,000 bonuses! 

If you are AT ALL INTERESTED in learning More, Please Pray about it and Nick and I would LOVE to talk to you about it. We do conference calls with people DAILY who are ready to MAKE A CHANGE and go for that $10,000 BONUS!!!! 785-562-7651  

We are looking for Distributors in AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, PUERTO RICO, FRANCE and the UK

It's $99. We spend $99 on a tank of GAS or on junk at Wal-Mart!!
 Why not spend it on a life changing decision!! 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend to Remember!!

That's my word for this past weekend.

I had always wanted to attend A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER Marriage seminar. A lot of my friends had been to them and RAVED about them. So about a week before it was in Kansas City, I googled it. and BOOM, it was to be in KC the next weekend!! I called Grandma and Papa to see if they could keep the tribe and they had NOTHING PLANNED!! What a blessing! So, I bought the tickets, booked the hotel and then told The Captain we were going! HA HA He's such a good sport! He will do anything for me! LOVE THAT MAN!! We got all the kiddies settled in at my parents and headed out!! I LOVE THIS PIC!!

I didn't really know what to expect but the weekend was FULL of us talking ONE ON ONE with NO interruptions about a TON of stuff we had wanted to talk about but never had time!! 

We learned how to fight healthier, be more patient with our kids and SO MUCH MORE!! We learned that despite the fact that our kids say "EW" they love it when we hug and kiss in front of them so the affection level is NOW ON STEROIDS!!

We ate LOTS of good food. Kansas City BBQ is THE BEST!

Every Meal was a date but on this night we ate Fondue at THE MELTING POT!! 

The Chocolate Fondue was the best!!! 
The Meat, not so much..


We wrote LOVE LETTERS to each other and RENEWED OUR VOWS!

They encouraged us to say them again in front of our family when we got home and let the kids sign our Marriage Covenant and witness it! 

SO, I'm planning a little wedding.
The kids are SO EXCITED!! They are ALL IN IT HA HA 

It was WONDERFUL to get home to our kids REFRESHED, RENEWED, ROMANCIFIED and REDEDICATED to each other and them as Better Parents. We are SO IN LOVE and I love that. The Captain is GOD's GIFT to me and I am forever grateful.

If I'm around, Blake can't fall asleep without her hands in my hair.
It's the sweetest thing ever.. EVER!

Bottom line, you need this. Whether you've been married a month or 50+ years, there is one in your neighborhood. GET THERE!!! You can even gift them as wedding gifts or send your pastor or someone in the military for free :)

TRULY a Weekend to Remember!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

A FAMILY AFFAIR! Camp Out, Camp In

I had never heard of the American Heritage Girls or Trail Life USA until a couple of months ago. WOW is it a NEAT PROGRAM!! It's VERY SIMILAR to Boyscouts and Girlscouts but it is based around the love for GOD, service to country and community! Our kids loved it the first week! THE BEST PART about it is that ALL our kids but Blake can do it!! And she can start when she is 5. It goes from 5 years old, ALL the way through high school. FINALLY something we believe in that our kiddos can do all together!

We never do baseball, or any other sports really. With 7 kids and only 2 the same age, we would be RUNNING RAGGED and I would be a GRUMPY MOMMY. I just don't want to be one of those people that is SO BUSY running kids around and none of us is enjoying it. 

On Friday afternoon, the older boys hiked 8 miles to the campsite. And they weren't just hiking on the highway, they were hiking cross country. It was about 60 degrees that day but really windy. Brendan headed off with his pack & sleeping bag with 6 other boys.

Saturday, Tori, Wyatt and Jett joined them along with about 30+ people

They learned how to tie knots...

Start a fire several different ways...

Cook over a campfire (I'm told they had 5 different kinds of cobbler that were DIVINE)..

There was even a BIGFOOT SIGHTING!!! And a midnight hike!  They had a great time! It got down to 13 degrees by this morning when they had the long 7 mile hike home.  The little boys came home last night but T and Brendan both stayed all night and  hiked home. T said it ALMOST killed her! HA HA

They woke up to Bacon sizzling and Breakfast Burritos cooking! They had a church service that the kids both loved. It took them a little over 4 hours to hike back. WOW!! I'm SO PROUD of both of them!! THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF WE WANT OUT KIDS LEARNING!! GOOD, CLEAN FUN with Christ at the center and No technology to be found! I'm so thankful for this opportunity for all of our kids. The leaders are so awesome to invest in our kids. The little ones want to stay next time so The Captain will probably stay with them. Wonder if they would mind if I brought the RV OUT??? LOL  Here they are making the final trek back into town!!

MEANWHILE, back at the farm.... We had our own lil Camp "IN".
I was super impressed with myself and the girls ability to set up the tent. 
(Notice the Campfire in the background)

We cooked our weenies over the fire. We ate on the cowhide rug.

We played UNO, Headbands and Made our own homemade playdoh.

A GOOD time was had by all!! For the record, we didn't make it all night in the tent, not even in the living room. They begged me to tell the scary story of THE BLACK HAND and all got Scared so they ended up sleeping in our room!! HA HA 

LOVE these precious memories made with our kids!! THEY GROW UP TOO FAST!